Acupuncture for anxiety

Acupuncture for anxiety

In recent statistical reports, it is shown that almost 40 million adults residing in the US alone are suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is nothing but a condition in which you can not stop but worrying about one thing or another going on in your everyday life. It can be so severe in some people that it has the potential to affect the daily life of people suffering from anxiety. Some so many people are trying various treatments and medication suggested by one or many doctors to cure the anxiety increasing day by day. There is no specific thing that can be able to cause anxiety among people, which makes it somewhat challenging to cure through medications. So many researchers are finding some way to treat the anxiety among people, and that way must be valid. But still, there is no way that is 100 percent effective.

Some research studies did find that the ancient method of acupuncture can be able to help in reducing the anxiety disorders. Acupuncture is a method useful in treating so many diseases, aches, and complications that will help in leading any person to live a healthy and happy life. There is some scientific research that shows that the acupuncture method can be able to help in specific anxiety symptoms that even the psychotherapy or medication are not able to treat. So there is an increasing trend nowadays of using the acupuncture method for treating several severe anxieties. It is becoming more and more popular alternative treatment method for curing anxiety. Moreover, there is some ongoing research that will be able to determine the positive effects of specific anxiety disorders that include post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, depression, and other anxiety disorders. So more people are aware of using acupuncture for anxiety.

What are the benefits of using acupuncture?

There are so many benefits of using acupuncture method for treating several pains or aches that you are suffering from. The acupuncture method involves inserting thin and sharp needles into the skin. It was believed that the needles are inserted at various meridian points at multiple depths. This process will help in directing the flow of the energy or Qi (Translated as Chi) in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that the imbalance in the flow of the energy in the body will inevitably lead your organization to unhealthiness and sickness. Therefore acupuncture will help in balancing the energy flow in the body, which will inevitably lead you to live a healthy and happy life. There are so many things with which the acupuncture method can help you, such as reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and also relieving pains or aches. But acupuncture will be useful in some specific anxiety disorders.

Some researches did suggest the surprising fact that the acupuncture method will be able to help the patients suffering from anxiety more than any other treatment method. But there are some studies also that say that acupuncture does not help at all in reducing the anxiety disorder. Whether the acupuncture method will help you or not with the anxiety issues, it will surely not be able to have any adverse effects on the user. So it is worth to try the acupuncture method at least once to get rid of the anxiety. Because there are so many people who are using the acupuncture method in post-traumatic stress disorders, and it has proven to be effective. Research says that it is viable as well as a safe option to use the acupuncture method to reduce the effects of anxiety in your daily life. Thus acupuncture is a suitable option.

Are there any side effects of using acupuncture for anxiety disorders?

As we did say earlier, researchers believe that the acupuncture method doesn’t seem to have any adverse effects on the person. But it also depends on one major factor, and that is the acupuncturist that you are going to for the treatment. You must choose an acupuncturist that has considerable years of experience in practicing acupuncture for anxiety disorders. Also, you must have to make sure that the acupuncturist you did choose is certified or not. Every licensed, certified acupuncturist has to pass the exam of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. If you are going to an acupuncturist who is experienced, then you must see the certification for the same to authenticate the acupuncturist. There are several severe risks that you can be liable to in case you are having the acupuncture treatment from a new uncertified acupuncturist. The risks involve:

  • Skin soreness or redness
  • Damage to the internal organs
  • Increased risk of lungs collapsing
  • Affects the central nervous system
  • Several skin infections

When you are going to the treatment session, then you must also make sure that the acupuncturist uses a new sterile and disposable needles. This will surely help in reducing the risk of getting a skin infection or diseases. Thus the acupuncture can be useful in reducing the anxiety disorders, and any person suffering from the same must have to try acupuncture for the treatment.