Acupuncture for depression

Acupuncture for depression

Acupuncture is one of the facets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it was initially originated from China around 2500 years ago. As per the Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that there is a continuous flow of energy in every human body. If there is any interruption in this energy flow of the body, then there is an increased chance of your body going towards the unhealthiness and sickness. There are more than 2000 acupuncture points that lie in various parts of the body and thereby covering the entire body. But there are only 14 meridian points that connect the central nervous system, tissues, and skin cells with each other. It is believed that the energy flows through these meridian points, and so the best way to divert the energy flow is by using these meridian points. Acupuncture uses meridian points to relieve body pain.

The thin, small, and sharp needles are inserted into your skin, which will stimulate the meridian points. The acupuncture method will be able to direct the flow of the energy in the body as well as maintain the balance in the energy flow. Once the energy flow is kept in the body, then your body will surely be able to move towards a healthy approach. The pressure on the meridian points by the needles will be able to divert the energy flow as per your need. The acupuncture method will be beneficial to the user in so many ways. It will help in increasing the circulation of the blood as well as produce the natural feel-good hormones known as endorphins in your body. This will help your mind to stay calm and relax rather than focusing on the pain that you are suffering from and thereby helps chronic pains.

How acupuncture helps depression?

Nowadays, many people are suffering from depression due to many things. People are more and more spending their precious time on the internet and so are very unclear about their life decisions. This will result in you getting in depression due to life problems or work problems. The best way to overcome depression is by keeping your mind calm and relax. Many people are using medications and psychological therapies to get relieved from depression but are not able to do so. But there are many cases in which acupuncture treatment work more effectively rather than medications and therapies. Most people believe in the acupuncture method due to it so many benefits that it provides people with. Not only the acupuncture method will be able to free the user from the depression, but it also helps in frustration, anxiety, anger, tension, etc.

When the needles are inserted into your skin, then it will stimulate the positive energy flowing through your body. So all the negative energy will be eliminated by the acupuncture method. As the blood flow increases due to the acupuncture method, it will also help in oxygenation of the tissues in all of the parts of the body. So the heart will pump more amount of blood at a time, and lungs will inhale more oxygen with each breath. Therefore your mind will get enough amount of blood supply and oxygen, which will make it more active. If your mind is intense, then it will not have any negative thoughts, and it will surely find some work that you need to do. As you are engaged in the work, you will not have any depression. So the acupuncture method will help your mind to think clearly.

Acupuncture for depression is safe?

Well, the short and simple answer to this question is Yes. But let me tell you one most important thing that is you are living a life that is full of risks. You need to take every chance to progress in your life, and the risks are the only things that will mold you to become successful in whatever you desire. The acupuncture method has its risks that you should know about before you start the treatment for your depression. There can be some common side effects as you are a first time user. Such as your skin can have redness around the areas that are pierced through the needles, or your skin can have soreness. But that depends on the acupuncturist that you have chosen for the treatment.

If you are going to choose the acupuncturist, then you must make sure that you need to choose a licensed and experienced acupuncturist so that there are minimum risks of you having any side effects that can harm you in any possible way. Also, you must check if the acupuncturist is using sterile and disposable acupuncture needles to prevent infections. You have to consult with your family doctor first before you are going to use the acupuncture method for treating depression. The acupuncture method will be able to treat depression effectively, along with other diseases, pains, and aches.