Acupuncture for pain

Acupuncture for pain

The use of acupuncture is increasing day by day as more and more people are getting aware of the benefits that the acupuncture method provides you with. Many people, including our ancestors, are using the ancient art of acupuncture for many centuries. The acupuncture method not only helps to relieve several chronic pains or aches but also helps in increasing the healthiness of the body. People are suffering nowadays from various kinds of illnesses in different parts of the body. Such as pain in back, legs, neck, chest, core, legs, hands, etc. But you will be happy to know that the acupuncture method will be able to help the user with all the pains or aches that the person is suffering from in all the parts of the body. Not only most doctors and physicians, but also many researchers believe that the acupuncture method can treat various pains effectively.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the imbalance in the energy flowing in the body is one of the primary causes of unhealthiness or sickness that many people are suffering from. The acupuncture method will be able to bring back or restores the balance in the energy or Qi (Translated as Chi) flowing throughout the body. There are more than 2000 acupuncture points that can trigger the nerves as well as stimulate the central nervous system. The acupuncture method can stimulate these acupuncture points with the help of 14 meridian points through which was believed the energy flows in the entire body. The acupuncture method uses these meridian points to relieve any chronic pains or aches that the user is facing. When the balance of the energy flow is maintained or restored, then after the person or user will be able to have a healthy and happy life.

The acupuncture method involves the use of several small, thin, and sharp needles. These needles are inserted in the specific acupuncture points to a particular depth. As the needles are inserted into the skin, the natural feel-good hormones or endorphins will release throughout the entire body. Endorphins will make you happy and relaxed, which will result in the reduction of pain. Whenever you feel excited or like anything, then the endorphins will release. The acupuncture method will be therefore useful in relieving you from the chronic pain. Also, the insertion of needles will be able to help in the increase in blood flowing in the bloodstream. The blood flow will help in promoting the healing response around the pain area and will provide oxygenation to the cells or tissues for the treatment. Thus the acupuncture method can effectively be useful to treat any chronic pains or aches.

Is acupuncture safe to treat pains?

Most people are not trusting the acupuncture method just due to the thought of needles inserted into the skin. But it is not like you will feel pain or bleeding due to the needle insertion. If you are not using the acupuncture method by fearing the process of it, then you will surely have to suffer more from the pain that is sometimes unbearable. Chronic illnesses can sometimes be so intolerable that you can not be able to sleep peacefully at night due to extreme intensifying pain. The pain that you are suffering from may have a considerable impact on your everyday life. Therefore you will have to use the acupuncture method as it has the potential to treat various intense chronic pains or aches. Most researchers also suggest that the use of the acupuncture method is effective than medications or therapies and does not have any adverse effects.

If you do not have to suffer from any side effects or risks, then you will have to go to an acupuncturist that has sufficient experience and knowledge to perform the acupuncture process. If you are not choosing such an acupuncturist, then there may be a possibility of you having a severe injury to the internal organs or bleeding. Therefore you must only choose an experienced and licensed acupuncturist who is well trained to prevent any side effects or risks. Also, you must make sure that the acupuncturist is using sterile and disposable acupuncture needles for the treatment process so that there are no chances of infections. The acupuncture method is safe to use for every person, no matter the type of skin the person possesses. There are some conditions in which you must not have to use the acupuncture method. They are:

  • The Person having bleeding disorders
  • A woman during pregnancy
  • Conditions restricted by your family doctor or the acupuncturist

Although there are no risks of using the acupuncture method, there are some common issues that people have to face when using the acupuncture method for the first time. Such as bruises or swelling in the skin, itchiness in the treatment area, redness of the skin in the locality where needles are inserted, etc. But these conditions will not have a more prolonged effect; the effects are temporary and will fade away within a few hours.