Acupuncture to quit smoking

Acupuncture to quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to health, and every smoker knows it but still smokes a packet of cigarettes that can be harmful to the health of the body. Many people are actively tobacco and have tried so many times to quit smoking but are not able to do so. When you start smoking cigarettes, then there will not be anything that is going to stop you from starting an addiction. But when you are going to stop smoking the cigarettes, then it feels like everything is becoming an obstacle that does not allow you to quit smoking. If you want to quit smoking and you are finding an effective way to do so. Then you are surely in the right place. Here, we will address you about the practical method that does not have any side effects or adverse effects, unlike medications.

Most people try so many methods to overcome this addiction to smoking, like going through strict medications, nicotine patches, or gums. Sometimes it is not possible to curb the temptation or craving to smoke the cigarette with these methods. So you need to try something different or new that you have never tried before to get rid of the habit of smoking. You might not have heard of the acupuncture method as an effective way, which will help in quitting smoking for good. But if you have tried every other purpose to overcome the addiction, then there is no harm in trying the acupuncture method. Most people who have tried using the acupuncture method for controlling the urge to smoke a cigarette are successful. But no study or research proves that acupuncture is 100 percent effective in getting rid of any addictions.

Acupuncture and How it helps to quit smoking

Acupuncture is a method that has been used for about 2500 years now. The acupuncture method is one of the aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a proven fact that the acupuncture method helps in relieving various kinds of pains or aches that the person is suffering from. It is beneficial in so many ways to the person who is using the acupuncture method for treatment purposes. The acupuncture method involves the insertion of needles at specific depths in specific points that are located in the body at particular parts of the body. There are more than 2000 acupuncture points that are present in the body, and these points are stimulated or triggered by 14 meridian points. The acupuncture method will use these meridian points to relieve the user from severe chronic pains or aches. It also helps the person to overcome the addiction to smoking, which is essential.

The use of the acupuncture method can trigger some acupressure points. The fatigue, irritability, and gnawing cravings for smoking cigarettes or addiction to nicotine can be calmed down with acupuncture. Some acupuncture points that reside in the ears can help the person to control the urge to smoke. The acupuncture method will stimulate several points in the body that will trigger the central nervous system that creates the urge or temptation feeling. The use of the acupuncture method will result in a reduction in urges to smoke, a decrease in irritability, enhanced mood, improved bowel movements, Better sleep, reduce stress or depression, etc. Not only the acupuncture method can be able to help you to quit smoking, but it also helps in relaxing and calming your mind down so that you will not have any reason that will create an urge to smoke.

Side effects or Risks of using acupuncture

If you are using the acupuncture method for treating the smoking addiction. Then you must know that there are no side effects or risks of using the acupuncture method. But there are some side benefits that you will surely notice with the use of acupuncture. Such as increased blood circulation in the body, improved immune system, better health of the body, etc. You must have to keep this one most important thing in your mind if you are thinking of using the acupuncture method to overcome the addiction to smoking. That is, you must only go to an experienced and licensed acupuncturist to prevent any side effects or risks due to the silly mistakes of the acupuncturist. Also, you must have to ensure that the acupuncturist uses sterile and disposable acupuncture needles in the treatment. So that there is no chance of you having any infection.

The acupuncture method is safe to use for every person who is using it. Some side effects are most common and temporary for people who are using the acupuncture method for the first time. Such as redness in the treatment area, bruising or swelling, itchiness, etc. But these conditions are temporary and will only last for a few hours. The acupuncture method is worth to try at least once to quit smoking.