Multi-Condition Ear Seed Acupressure Kit 600 Counts, eBook Placement Chart, Probe, Acupuncture Ear Chart, Tweezers

Multi-Condition Ear Seed Acupressure Kit 600 Counts, eBook Placement Chart, Probe, Acupuncture Ear Chart, Tweezers

Ear Seeds are the most common thing that most people use for acupressure purposes. If you do not know anything about the Ear Seeds, then you must not have to worry about a thing. Because we will provide you every little bit of information that will be necessary for you to understand. After reading this full review, if you have any doubts, then you can feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Multi-Condition Ear Seed Acupressure Kit 600 Counts, eBook Placement Chart, Probe, Acupuncture Ear Chart, Tweezers
Multi-Condition Ear Seed Acupressure Kit 600 Counts, eBook Placement Chart, Probe, Acupuncture Ear Chart, Tweezers

Ear seeds are nothing but the mall small seeds that are useful in stimulating pressure points in your ear. They are a type of auriculotherapy which will refer to the acupressure or acupuncture focused on the ear. You will be able to obtain great acupressure therapy on your own with the help of the ear seeds.

Main Features
  • Safe and Natural Ear Seeds
  • 600 Counts of 2 mm Vaccaria Seeds
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Long-Lasting Adhesive Tapes
  • Instant Pain Relief
  • Maintains balance in the energy flow through Meridian points
  • Durable and Efficient Working
  • Package includes Tweezers, E-book Guide, and E-Charts

It is based on the same principle as acupuncture therapy. That is the cause of any disease or pain is due to the imbalance in the flow of the body’s energy. Therefore acupressure and acupuncture methods are useful in maintaining the balance in the energy flow.

According to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the (Qi) Energy flows through the particular points known as Meridians. These Meridians are located in the entire body, so the ears also have Meridian Points. Each ear seeds needs to be placed on the meridian point to clear any blockages of energy. Thus using the ear seeds will help in resolving the meridian points and thereby helps in improving the health of a variety of conditions.

Why Should You Buy It?
  • No Harmful Effects
  • Simple and Easy Usage
  • Easy to understand Ebook
  • Handy Ear Probes
  • It will not cause any harm or pain
  • Safe to carry with you wherever you go
  • Helps to relieve various chronic pains and aches
  • It also reduces stress, depression, anxiety, tension, etc.
  • Helps in quitting any addiction
  • No needles used in the treatment

Why Not Buy
  • Little bit high price range

Beneficial For:

Ear Seeds are helpful in many types of pains and aches. Many doctors, as well as physicians, also claim that ear seeds are useful in curing almost every type of health issue. It will help increase the circulation of blood in the entire body. So this Multi-Condition Ear Seed Acupressure Kit will provide you healthy and glowing skin. There are several pains that it cures. They are:

  • Most useful for Chronic Pains in the Lower Back
  • Capable of curing Insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Relieves from Depression
  • Reduces Stress
  • Helps in Anxiety
  • Resolve Infertility
  • Cures Migraine and Other Headache Issues
  • Frees you from any Addiction
  • Helps in Weight Loss

How to Use?

When you are using the ear seeds for the first time, then you should take help from the trained acupuncturist. Therefore you will not have to worry about anything with the acupuncturist supervising you. So there will not be any risk of you hurting yourself in using the ear seeds. Although it is safe to use this ear seeds package kit, you need to take care of your sensitive ears.

With the help of the acupuncturist, you will be able to learn how to find the corresponding points for your pains. So you can also follow the instruction given by the acupuncturist on how to place the ear seeds properly in your ears. The ear seeds are mostly made up of Vaccaria, but nowadays, they can be metal or ceramic beads.

Other than that, if you want to do the acupressure method on your own. Then you can follow these simple and easy steps. So you will be able to use this ear seeds acupressure kit more conveniently and effectively.

Clean and Dry The Outside of the Ear: Ear seeds must always be used on the outside of your ear but not on the inside of the ear. So you need to clean and dry the outside of your ear.

Locate the Correct Point: This ear seeds acupressure kit will provide the chart, which shows the correct location of the specific points. So it will be easy for you to locate the right points of the ear.

Use Tweezers To Apply The Ear Seed: Gently place the ear seeds on the adhesive tape and make sure that you do not touch the sticky part of the tape.

Gently Massage Ear Seeds: You must have to gently massage the points in a circular motion for two to three times per day to get better results.

Change Them Regularly: The seed may fall after two to three days automatically, but if it does not fall. Then you must not wait but change the seeds regularly.

Remove Them After Use: With the help of Tweezers or Nails, you can remove it quickly. But make sure that the ear is facing the ground when you are removing the seeds. So there is no risk of seed falling in your ear canal.